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some things i love, like and adore :)

Posted in iHeart by Adriana on November 20, 2008


… YOU, Paris, Marilyn Monroe movies, Mini Cooper, my pink Dell, atmosfera din primul an de facultate, evantaie, brose, buburuze, Debenhams, “dincolo de bine, dincoace de rau”-Aurora Liiceanu&Alice Nastase, Audrey Tautou movies, butterflies, creioane colorate, DeviantArt, traseele montane, sampania,  swatch, Winter Fiary Tale, oje colorate,  Rimmel, PeTocuri, cutiile de chibrituri, Mickey Mouse, teatru, conversii, filozofia, fotografia, Lumix, naked music, pizza cu ananas, Decembrie, vanilia, scortisoara, ciocolata, Thievery Corp.,  Pina Colada, cartoons, sex and the city, Comedy central, uleiul de bebelusi, oldies , PullandBear, Zara, Outwear, Loggia, Lucky 13, Bamboo-shop.. 🙂

sorry, dar chiar nu pot duce task’ul pana la capat :)) 100 thing i like… how about almost 50 things i like? :)) could it work? 😛

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  1. Cosmic Audrey said, on November 20, 2008 at 12:38 pm

    good the 50 rest of them:))

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