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teste si iar teste :))

Posted in facebook says, storytelling by Adriana on August 25, 2009

mania testelor de pe facebook se mareste =)) aflam cine suntem noi de fapt, cartea noastra preferata chiar daca nu am citit-o (zise vanessa), si filmul vietii noastre … o gramada de tampenii de care nu putem decat sa ne amuzam ingrozitor =)) mai nou unul dintre testele mele preferate e cel numit “What nationality should you marry?” =) pentru ca peste o luna si ceva, plecam in italia =))

Adriana took the What nationality should you marry? quiz and got the result:Italian..
Italian: You should marry a laid back loudmouthed italian. Your love will come filled with enjoyment and great food. You partener will care for you like none other has before!

Audrey: well i guess this will take us straight to..Rome? now that the tickets are booked?!

Bird: :))) Rome here we come

Audrey: da. ne luam un panou la aeroport si scriem cu markerul pe el: WE WANT MARRY RICH ITALIAN MEN

din motive evidente… deja ma simteam relativ jenata sa am asa ceva pe facebook, am sters :)) dar am copiat aici =))


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