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Posted in iHeart, storytelling by Adriana on November 11, 2009


“Luxury is the opposite of vulgarity.”
“If you want to be irreplaceable, you have to be different. ”
“Success is made with what can’t be learned. ”
“Elegance is when the wrong side is as beautiful as the right side.”
“You cannot have fashion out of touch with street life.”
“Fashion passes, style remains.”
“Perfume is of the utmost importance. In the words of Paul Valéry: ‘A woman wearing the wrong perfume has no future’.”
“When you give women back their mystery, you give them back their youth.”
“The poetry of fashion lies in creating illusion.”
“Nature gives you your face at twenty. Life shapes your face at thirty. But the face you have at fifty is the face you have earned.”
“Let my legend makes its way in life. I wish it a long one.”

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