friends, lovers & chocolate

by my dearest Dreadboy :D

Posted in iHeart, storytelling by Adriana on July 6, 2010
“This must be one the hardest descriptions that I have yet to do, because it’s about a human being, rather than a lifeless gadget, and not just any human being, a lovely one. Met her quite a while ago, as a friend of an ex-girlfriend, time when I didn’t get to know her, and definitely she didn’t know me.
She’s different that the wide majority of girls nowadays, always jolly, smiley, happy, or that’s how I see her. Among the very few that do not drive me nuts, only and always complaining. She complains, but on the things that matter, not dramatizing average ignorable problems. I promised I’d do this description, when talking about how different she is, and what a good taste she has.
We were talking about clothing, yet I’m not sure she understood that I meant in good taste generally, not just limited to clothing. She has a good taste in clothing, keeping all so simple, yet with enough of an elegant touch, blended with her carefree attitude, not wearing things like they’re borrowed or expecting them to last a lifetime.
She is a lady, acts and speaks, yet she’s not pretentious like one. All in all, I think I would define good taste by not exaggerating anything, as well as not undervalue the simple pleasures of life. Lastly, she is very dear to me, she’s cute and loveable, huggable, adorable, especially since confident enough to know she is, and still appreciate and get all giggly when told so.”
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