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these are hard times for dreamers

Posted in des photos, storytelling by Adriana on October 18, 2010

visez cu ochii larg deschisi, cu zambetul pe buze si cu inima exaltata de toate gandurile care-mi trec prin minte. ma vad/ne vad peste ani, eu in sfarsit imi descopar chemarea care in vizualizarile mele este mereu alta, prin urmare nici una de pana acum nu este The One… visele mele nu includ lucruri imposibile, ci posibile dar pentru care trebuie sa astept, sa am rabdare si multa ambitie. visez sa fiu fericita, visez la o stare care atrage in urma sa numai bine… recunosc ca sunt unele lucruri care m-ar face tare fericita, hainele pe care mi le doresc m-ar atinge delicat, iar miresmele alese m-ar transpune intr-o lume parfumata, dar ce farmec ar avea toate acestea fara zambete, rasete si multa iubire?

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  1. Jules said, on October 18, 2010 at 10:17 pm

    The mirage of an expensive lifestyle is often associated with happiness, health and moral wealth, however many of us fail to aknowledge that clothes and jewelry won’t buy us better states of mind. Life is more complex that that. It is a reason why the rich are, in many cases, unhappy. The power and succes in their life are a facade for temporary happiness, which quickly becomes a luxury! When you feel lonely or sick, all the wealth in the world won’t make you feel prettier or merrier. Learn to enjoy what you have and you’ll find the way to live your dreams ! good luck 🙂

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