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cupluri / cu sau fara? :))

Posted in des photos, storytelling by Adriana on January 27, 2011

Detin o intreaga armata de adrese de tumblr, multe poze reblog-uite pe contul meu, dar nici macar una nu ma bucura la fel de mult ca cele in care “el si ea” sunt impreuna. Nu ma emotioneaza pisicul acela pufos care se uita cu ochii mari spre camera, canile aburinde cu cafea delicioasa, agende, picturi sau mai stiu eu ce… da, le iubesc, imi dau o stare de bine si ma fac sa visez la ceva ce in curand va fi. Insa ce imi pune un zambet pe fata este acea imagine pe care o ador, ei doi de mana, zambitori, frumosi, aranjati… in love. El e stilat, imgracat simplu si cu bun gust, are o colectie intreaga de ceasuri si alte accesorii pe care le asorteaza cu succes si miroase mereu a parfum. Ea este finuta, de o frumusete ce nu are nevoie de machiaj, hainele ei de asemenea sunt simple dar perfect alese si combinate, nu-i plac hainele mulate, nu vrea sa iasa in evidenta, dar o face si fara sa stie, e altceva… este deosebita. Niciunul dintre ei nu se chinuie sa para ceva ce nu e, sunt calzi, prietenosi, superbi impreuna si se mananca din priviri… iar unul fara celalalt nu sunt completi…

Nu mai cred in filme romantice si daca stau sa ma gandesc bine shooting-urile pentru aceste imagini sunt facute intr-un mod profesionist, dar imaginea imi ramane inca in minte, am grija de ea, o tin bine… pentru ca stiu ca exista.


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  1. A. said, on February 23, 2011 at 12:59 am

    Have you seen these people in reality? Style magazines feed us the dream of a perfect polished couple, but that’s all bullshit. How many couples in which both the girl and the guy looked amazing have you met? Generally, you don’t see that happening. She’s prettier or he’s more handsome. If they’re both on the same page, it won’t work. Take models and rock stars. Or actors and musicians. Or any combo in between. Most (if not all) of them ended it bad or in divorce. Some killed themselves (have a Sid and Nancy). It’s seriously hard to maintain self confidence and independence in a stunning match. As shallow as it sounds, the best relationships I’ve seen featured a short overweight girl and a super cute guy or a plain guy and a supermodel/artist/very beautiful and classy woman. It’s a universal law, I think. If you’re both stunning, jealousy, mistrust, co-dependence and fear easily crawl in your bed. A happy relationship doesn’t need high fashion and style. The only fashion you need is wisdom for the heart and the only style you should master is that of caring.

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