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some movies deserve to be loved

Posted in iHeart, movies by Adriana on November 15, 2010
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O seara de luni linistita, furtuna afara si un film tragic

Posted in movies, storytelling by Adriana on June 21, 2010

De ceva timp nu mai apuc sa petrec timp cu mine, sunt atat de dependenta de prezenta celorlalti incat de multe ori uit de o persoana foarte importanta… de mine…  Am ales lunea ca seara de leneveala, o seara in care sa ma simt lipita de pat, sa ma uit la filme pe care stiu ca cei apropiati nu le gusta sau sa le revad pe cele care m-au marcat. In aceste momente ma apuca dorinta sa pictez, dar imi aduc aminte ca nu mi-am luat nici acum guase, scuza tembela e ca nu le-am gasit pe cele potrivite, dar am creioane… Netul meu este in valuri si astfel cedez si scot router-ul din priza, asa stiu sigur ca nu merge, ascult vantul care suiera si tunetele departate si ma relaxez.

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leap year (2010)

Posted in funny stuff, iHeart, movies by Adriana on April 27, 2010

imi plac si filmele siropoase … de ce nu? … fac bine la psihic =)) iar acesta e chiar reusit 🙂

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one of my all time faves… Leon. The Professional (1994)

Posted in movies by Adriana on March 15, 2010

statul la soare a devenit o arta :)) (miami vice scene)

Posted in movies by Adriana on March 9, 2010

La cage aux folles (1978)

Posted in iHeart, movies by Adriana on March 7, 2010

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life, words… and love

Posted in iHeart, livre d'amour, movies by Adriana on March 4, 2010
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because old movies are the best movies … CRY-BABY

Posted in iHeart, movies, my golden song collection by Adriana on February 11, 2010

Codite la ochi, buze rosii, esarfe … pin-up! PERFECT MOVIE

Memorable quotes:

Allison: [to herself] I’m so tired of being good.

Wade “Cry-Baby” Walker: Allison, I’m sorry to get you locked up! But tonight, well, you were the coolest date I ever had!

Allison: But Cry-Baby, who was that girl? Why didn’t you tell me you already had a lady friend?
Wade “Cry-Baby” Walker: That Lenora ain’t nothing to me! I swear on my daddy’s grave! I’m burning inside to touch you, baby!

Allison: What’s the matter, Cry-Baby?
Wade “Cry-Baby” Walker: Everything’s the matter!
Allison: It’s just the thunderstorm. Heat lightening. It’s sexy.
Wade “Cry-Baby” Walker: It’s not sexy! Electricity makes me insane!

Because nothing is best than a musical!!

Alma, frightening holiday short film

Posted in movies by Adriana on December 23, 2009
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i feel cartoonish :))

Posted in funny stuff, iHeart, movies by Adriana on November 10, 2009

who doesn’t like Dory? =)) she’s just hilarious