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we don’t sleep because …

Posted in des photos, funny stuff, storytelling by Adriana on January 6, 2010

1. we don’t want to

2. we have discovered the internet

3. we have facebook accounts

4. we’re too fucked up

5. our bodies are tired but our minds are awake

6. we’re tired of dreaming

7. we think there’s something meaningful in staying up incredibly late, when there’s not

8. we have nothing better to do

9. we don’t want our thoughts to turn into dreams and then into nightmares

10. we like to watch movies

11. we’re too tired to dream

12. we’re waiting someone to say … “come to bed”

13. we’re thinking too much

14. who needs sleep?

15. we have no bed

16. we are afraid of our unconscious mind

17. there is not enough time in the world to sleep

18. tomorrow’s looking worse than today

19. we drink pepsi in excess

20. we have time alone when everyone is asleep

21. we have no one to tell us bedtime stories